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July 30, 2013
Graves Mansion

Graves Mansion

Everyday on my way to and from school, I would drive by this mansion. After many years, I still can’t get over its beauty. I see it all the time, yet I am still astounded each and every time by how magnificent it is. This mansion is tucked away where no one but the locals see it. In fact, it’s across the street from the local elementary school in a hamlet no one cares to notice while driving through. For years, this mansion has been at the forefront of my imagination. Who lived there? Who were they? Why does it stand empty and abandoned when it deserves so much more?

I’ve debated, many times, whether or not I should snoop around and discover some of its secrets. But I can never bring myself to. I know it’s just a building, but to me it’s become so much more. To snoop, I feel, would be to invade its privacy. Also, I am in love with its mystery. I don’t want to uncover the secrets it has kept buried for so long and possibly dismantle the uncountable fantasies I’ve imagined through the years. What if the old widower that sits at the window reading books and dreaming of his lost love never existed? What if the young couple starting out on their new life together never met and found this old mansion?

I see never-ending rooms with beautiful hardwood floors that make that resounding “click clack” sound when you walk on them and are the perfect floors for sock surfing when no one is looking. I see a room dedicated to nothing but books and the most comfortable chairs known to mankind. I see a great dining room with a sparkling chandelier where the family sits and enjoys each other’s company over their meal. I see a lone soul waking in the early morning hours before everyone else to walk to the chapel that rests a short distance near the trees. I see happiness when I look at this mansion.

The architecture calls to me. I might not know the fancy names for the small white pillars or what to call the angle of the upper most windows, but I can’t help but be drawn to the gentle elegance this structure exudes.The discoloration on the bricks, showing the weather this mansion has survived, and the space above the windows on the front side looks as though there used to be some sort of sign there add to the mystery that envelopes this mansion.

It has been over ten years since I first saw this place, and I still slow down each and every time I drive by to get a longer look.

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