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Things Crohn’s Disease Taught Me

August 28, 2013

-Make sure you can joke around with your doctor, otherwise things are bound to get awkward.

-Know where all the bathrooms are located when you go out. Seriously, you’ll regret it if you don’t.


-Never trust a fart; they are devious.


-Vegetables are no longer your friend.


-Have a short speech prepared for when people say, “What the heck is Crohn’s Disease?”

-Be patient with family and friends. They might be really annoying sometimes, but it’s all in love.

-Pizza and Chinese are never worth it (ok…maybe sometimes).

-Everyone poops. They might not poop as much as you, but they still do it.


-There are some people who really want to understand, and they will brighten your days.

-See the movie before dinner.

-Don’t think of Remicade treatments as wasted time. Think of them as a chance to relax for a few hours.


-There is always someone out there who has it worse than you.

cat's own leg attacking it

-ALWAYS have extra toilet paper (that includes in the car).


Feel free to add some of your own!!!

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