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WHISPERS FROM THE PAST by Elizabeth Langston — Book Review

September 30, 2014

Whisper From the PAst

…that’s not freedom at all.

With the dangers of the past behind them, Mark and Susanna are reaching for what the future holds. As Mark’s final year of high school draws to a close, his focus shifts to choosing a college and moving on. For Susanna, it’s time to set down roots and realize dreams of her own.

Yet the whispers from the past continue. A glimmer in the waterfall reveals messages from a dear, old friend. As she fights to resist their call, Susanna must finally confront the consequences that her choices have made across two centuries.

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My review:)

The third and final book to Elizabeth Langston’s Whisper Falls series. All I can say is, “Took you long enough, Elizabeth!” I’ve been suffering for quite some time in anticipation of this last piece to one of the best stories I’ve read. If you haven’t (or have!) read the first two books, you can check out my previous reviews here:

Whisper Falls

A Whisper in Time

There will be some slight spoilers for the first two books, so don’t continue reading this review if you wish to be surprised! Go read the books first. I promise you won’t regret it:)

I’ll admit, I had some seriously high expectations for this last book. Elizabeth is such a fantastic writer and story teller, and I expected nothing less than epicness from her. She delivered. However, I’ll also admit that there were a few things that rattled me about this last book.

As always, the writing was fantastic. Elizabeth has a way of weaving words that draws you in. She could write scientific formula..and I’d probably still love her style. Her sentence structure, word choice, and flow will grab you and refuse to let go. So, be prepared.

I did have a few issues with some of the plot points that took place. Elizabeth steered the characters in directions that I didn’t think fit with the personalities from the last two books. I still love Mark and Susanna, but I did have a few moments where I didn’t like them much. So, be prepared to possibly disagree with them and maybe even Elizabeth’s choices. Even though I had some issues with decisions made by the characters, Elizabeth did what an author is supposed to do. She made me feel. I felt everything. Happiness, sadness, anger, regret, frustration, sympathy. That’s what books are meant to do: touch the reader.

Although I may not have agreed with everything, I did understand Elizabeth’s reasons for pointing her characters in certain directions. Elizabeth made the motivations clear, and I applaud her for taking risks with her characters and story. Her expert writing and story telling trumped any conflicts I felt about her choices in plot. Her in-depth historical research is evident on every page and will enrich your reading experience.

Writing pages about these books won’t do any good. I could tell you about how much I love Mark and Susanna. About how much I enjoyed their witty banter, dedication to their loved ones, and strength. But, honestly, I can’t tell it the same way Elizabeth can..and has. I love the characters, story, and writing. I think you will, too. Try it. I also love being proved right;)

*I was provided with a copy by Elizabeth in exchange for an honest review.

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